Welcome a global audience to your virtual event

Experience, engagement and education are crucial at any event. When it comes to virtual event technologists in partnership with event organisers have worked hard to adapt to create some amazing technology and platforms and deliver memorable experiences to reach audiences and help businesses continue if they couldn’t meet in person.

As we move forward, there is no doubt virtual is here to stay – alongside live/ in-room events – but there are also some really exciting opportunities with digital events to reach an even greater audience than ever before. Going ‘global’ at a time when people are not actually travelling ‘global’ has opened the international doors for businesses.

Delegates across the world can tune in from home which not only means it’s accessible for all, it’s also a rather large tick in the sustainability box.

Here at Silent Seminars we have worked tirelessly not only to implement COVID-19 safe measures for when live events are back, but to continue to serve our event professional clients with bringing international audiences together during their virtual events.

For many international attendees, language barriers can be a concern and the challenge for event organisers is to ensure delegates can access clear content simultaneously in order to fully engage and contribute to an event.

Here at Silent Seminars we realised when building our mobile audio app for events that a new element was needed – real time translation services. While the app was originally designed to allow audiences to listen to live audio using their own headsets at an event, it became clear that a demand for translation services was crucial for global audience engagement.

Within our innovative mobile app we developed a platform that allows attendees to listen, learn and enjoy the content provided in the language of their choice. Audiences can access content in their preferred language via their smart phone or via the virtual event platform on a tablet or desktop.



A. Translation at Face-to-Face events

Through the Silent Seminars mobile app audiences can choose their preferred language when accessing a live presentation, talk or seminar. Either seated within the theatre or wandering around the event, the content can be accessed from anywhere on the show floor.

B. Translation for Virtual / Hyrbid events

When ‘attending’ a virtual event, audiences can choose their preferred language through the event platform on our mobile app, or via the virtual event platform on a desktop. This can be integrated with any virtual event provider (Zoom, Hopin, Webex etc). We work with international interpreters to ensure your audience has an enhanced and enjoyable listening experience in their native language.




Welcome your global audience to your event