Silence is Golden

Silent Seminars and Silent Noize Events proudly featured by Event Tech.

“H&E North discovers how wireless headset technology is reshaping the sonic landscape of corporate events.

Most of us will have heard of silent discos, where headphone wearing partygoers dance to the DJ of their choosing in a silent club or festival. Now, pioneering AV suppliers such as Silent Noize Events, the Birmingham-based supplier of silent disco headphones and equipment, have leveraged the idea to give corporate events the same silent treatment through its sister company, Silent Seminars.

So how does it work? Multiple seminars and workshops can be set up in the same space, thanks to radio frequency transmitters connected to sound desks that send audio to all headsets simultaneously, and potentially in multiple languages too. For delegates moving from one session to another, each headset has a channel switch indicated by LED lights to allow delegates to choose which presentation they listen to, making engagement throughout a conference seamless. Furthermore, to help reinforce your brand, the headsets can be colour coded and branded to maximise revenue or sponsorship.
“Our headsets help to control noise on a busy show floor and allow organisers to maximise space and deliver more content with crisper, clearer audio,” explains Duncan Strain, Director of Silent Noize Events. “Delegate and client participation can be improved by engaging with this new and innovative form of tech.”…

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