Listen Up – Improve audio experiences at your next event with Silent Seminars

Have you ever tried to answer a phone call in the middle of a busy event venue? It’s nearly impossible to hear the person on the other end of the line so you either reject the call or step outside of the venue.

But as an event organiser, you don’t want your audience leaving the show floor because they can’t hear, right?

This is why Silent Seminars has developed their unique technology that helps make experiences more enjoyable for everyone involved at events.

If you don’t know who they are, just search for any images from Event Tech Live to see their headphones in use at their events. For the uninitiated, Silent Seminars offers a variety of interactive tools and services tailored specifically for events, conferences, and trade shows. Their award- winning wireless headset systems provide the necessary components to ensure a high quality & engaging audio experience at your events.

The headphones provided to each delegate in seminar theatres, breakout rooms, or even exhibitor booths and pavilions mean event participants can listen to their speaker without any background noise or distractions. They remain focused on the conversation or presentation, without the need to leave the show floor or miss out on valuable information.

To help make sense of the noise at events, Silent Seminars headphones can be utilized in a number of ways.

Exhibitor Booths or Pavillions

If your exhibitors or sponsors want to share a video, live demo or product talk, the headphones from Silent Seminars provide a closed, quiet environment enabling eventgoers to listen without distraction. Your exhibitor can now deliver their message or presentation efficiently and effectively to an engaged audience.

Breakout Rooms or Workshops

For those sessions where companies want to make a unique impression, Silent Seminars offers a way to do it without compromising on sound quality. By providing every attendee with headphones, the room or inflatable structure will be quieter, and the conversations between participants sharper in focus. This allows for more meaningful conversations and engagements, making the experience far more enjoyable for all.

Seminar Theatre

Typically provided at the entrance to a theatre or seminar room or placed on every seat, the audio headsets help to keep audience members engaged during seminars and presentations. By providing a clear sound, no matter where they are sitting in the theatre, attendees can stay focused on what’s being said without any background noise or interruption.

If you attended Event Tech Live, you would have seen the headphones in use at all of the stages meaning panelists, speakers, and audience members could all partake in the session or conversation.

Brand Activations

The company recently provided an innovative solution for a brand activation at the Coventry Arena working with event producers DRPG. The concept was to show 4 groups of 100 attendees a different piece of video content in the same event space at the same time. DRPG hung 4 large LED screens from the Arena ceiling and Silent Seminars delivered the audio to each video via their wireless headsets. Each group of 100 delegates was issued with their own colour coded headset and directed by the event team to the relevant screen. When the first group of videos finished, the delegates transitioned to the next screen, keeping hold of their own headset as the production team switched the content.

Across the sessions Silent Seminars were able to successfully deliver high quality video audio to over 2000 delegates. Made possible by their multi-channel wireless headset system

The result was not only an engaging and unique experience for the visitors, but also an all-inclusive and cost-effective solution for the end client who didn’t have to think about hiring additional breakout rooms or moving their audience from the main event space.

Improve delegate listening experience – it’s more than just an activation

There are more benefits than the different activations mentioned above, at different types of events or venues.

Using the headphones has enabled events to be more inclusive and accessible to greater audiences for example, to those hard of hearing or event organisers wanting to offer multiple languages in real- time translations. Using these headphones can also reduce costs and increase revenue opportunities from your events.

Accessible Audio

With the general noise at events, it can be really difficult to hear and engage in sessions if you are hard of hearing. By offering every delegate a set of headphones, it doesn’t matter where they sit in the seminar theatre, they can enjoy clear audio so they don’t miss a beat. Coupled with real-time closed captions such as that offered at Event Tech Live by remote interpretation experts Interprefy, making events more inclusive and accessible to all.

Multi-lingual channels

If you have a translator at your events, you can tune their translation into a dedicated channel for any language, so that international delegates can understand their presenter in their native tongue and be part of the conversation. Translation can be delivered on site or remote via Silent Seminars’ partners, Interprefy. With a simple switch of the audio channel, delegates can be more engaged and included in your events.

Reduced Event Costs

Silent Seminars headphones provide an effective and cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for the build of additional breakout rooms, or other costly solutions like shell-scheme, separate rooms, or additional built structures.

You keep your delegates where you want them, engaged on your event or conference floor.

Generate New Revenue

Improving event audio experiences doesn’t just reduce unnecessary costs, it can also increase revenue opportunities through unique sponsorship options.

Not only can sessions begin with a clear sponsors message delivered direct to your entire audience, but you can also place sponsors’ logos on the headsets and literally place your partners brand in the hands (and on the heads) of each and every delegate, helping you to deliver greater ROI to your event partners and sponsors.

Whether it’s a small conference, a brand activation, an inter-company conference, or a large expo, using Silent Seminars, event organizers now have an immersive sound system that won’t break their budget – meaning no one has to miss out on valuable information due to a poor audio experience.

Overall, Silent Seminars provide an effective solution that can be incorporated into any event or venue of any size, to create a more engaging and accessible audio experience for everyone involved.

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