Confex 2021: lessons from the industry

International Confex is known in the events world for bringing together industry professionals to discover suppliers, venues, and service providers. This year was more significant than ever as the industry family had been parted from the hustle of live events for over eighteen months.

So, what can we learn from this?

In-person prevails

As the events industry has finally emerged from the virtual fatigue of lockdown, it’s clear to see that in-person events still take prime position for networking. Whilst virtual will still play a role in the world of events, they lack the human touch to connect communities; being able to meet with one another banishes the back and forth of constant emails and broadens the productivity window.

Albeit postponed, this year’s Confex still welcomed thousands of professionals, demonstrating the demand for face-to-face interaction. If the goal of an event is to engage with prospective partners or clients, then in-person engagement provides possibilities that just cannot be substituted, discovering true company values and identifying what really makes a company tick, being at the forefront.

Quality, not quantity

The events industry covers a broad spectrum of event professionals, consequently leaving room for messages to fall on deaf ears. Despite the impressive figures, the Confex show floor was relatively subdued compared to previous years. Our Director, Duncan Strain, says,

Silent Noize Events started small, so we appreciate the importance of building quality relationships. Our goal has always been to ensure customer satisfaction, it’s a huge pillar for success. Without full support to our customers, we’re not supporting ourselves.”

For many exhibitors, the numbers of leads translates to event success, however with a focus on quantity, companies should consider if this is the way forward for sustainable business growth: will these convert to sales? Not all Confex visitors will match the target audience of one particular exhibitor. Strain adds,

“Having a clear strategy in place for an event of such industry significance is vital. Our pre-show efforts come into play in order for us to reach key audiences that matter, that align to our business.”

Scoping out the trends

There is no better way to analyse industry trends than mingling amidst the current leaders of the field. As the leading exhibition for the events industry, International Confex allows exhibitors to be placed directly in front of the desired audience with the added benefit of simultaneous industry analysis.

Presence on a show floor, whether as an exhibitor or guest, opens the opportunity to observe other professionals. Aside from the core of raising brand awareness, in person events expose the most recent strategies of competitors and potential clientele.

Putting our brand under noses of the industry enables us to be present in the decision making process. We have come away from Confex with a first hand, fresh outlook of the current industry demands. You really do have to be in it to win it.


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